Project Presentation Rubric

Presentation Guidelines

Project presentations are very different than the architectural reviews. Architectural reviews are about communicating specific design or code issues so that the audience would have enough information to help you with these decisions. The project presentations are a one-way street. You will be crafting your presentation to tell the audience about the current state of your project in a smooth, engaging, and professional manner. Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

As an audience member, your job is to be engaged and provide presentation feedback. You will be able to communicate feedback to the presenters using this Google form. So, make sure to have your laptop charged and ready to go.


Project presentations will take place during the first half of the final event period (12:00pm on May 8th).

Presentation Rehearsal

Before the final event you are required to do a rehearsal of your presentation. The NINJAs will be posting times when they are available to listen to your presentation and provide you with feedback.


The Big Idea (25%)

Clearly and succinctly communicate the motivation for your project providing context to appropriately target your audience.

Implementation and Design Details (25%)

Provide the details of how you are implementing your project at a level of detail appropriate for the audience and the time frame of the presentation. These details might include the libraries you are using, the algorithms you are implementing, or the object-oriented architecture you have employed.

Project status (25%)

Communicate the status of your project including:

Professionalism (25%)

Communicate with your audience in a professional manner. Since this is not a super-formal presentation, jokes and fun are certainly fair game, however, your presentation should not be be jokey at the expense of being clear, informative, and earnest. Also, inappropriate jokes are inappropriate! A good rule of thumb is to shoot for something that you would be proud to present to your parents.