Day 13


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Mid-project checkin

Please see this note (also posted to Slack) regarding the mid-project checkin.

We have streamlined the way that we are doing mid-project check-ins for MP4, and have added this update to the MP4 assignment page: “update 3/8/2018: For this semester’s SoftDes, the largest we have offered, we are tweaking the MP4 check-in process from what was originally posted below. We are doing first-pass check-ins via the github repos that student pairs are using to work on and submit MP4. NINJAs will be on-hand during the Friday 3/9 class period to ensure that each partner on each project has pushed something (.py files, design docs, image or sound assets, UML drawings etc) to the appropriate github repo. NINJAs and instructors will be looking at these repos to determine whether an in-person check in will be requested (to be held before the 3/13 class period ends). In cases where the repo is considered to demonstrate sufficient project progress, no in-person check-in will be requested and each partner will receive 100% credit for the check-in. In-person check-ins will be governed by the guidelines below.”

Note: that “below” in the quote above refers to the text in the mid-project checkin section of the MP4 assignment page.

Solutions to Geometry and Inheritance Example

We’ll go over the solutions to the inheritance activity on 2D shapes from last class.

Inheritance Example: counters, multisets, and Bayesian statistics

We have put together a notebook that walks you through using inheritance to go from the built-in Python collection Counter all the way up to Bayesian statistics (this activity may or may not be an advertisement for Allen’s “Computational Bayesian Statistics” course… happening next semester).

As a side note, in order to easily access these notebooks, you might want to clone the website repository. All the notebooks are in the notebooks directory of the repository.