Day 3

Gene Finder guest presentation by Joanne Pratt

Joanne will walk students through how the Gene Finder mini-project results in using the Blast search engine.

Unit Testing and Reading Journal Debrief

With the folks sitting around you, go over your answers to the reading journal. Once you’ve cleared up any lingering confusions on the problems, add unit tests to each of the functions you wrote for the reading journal. Before you start typing out your unit tests, take a minute to think through what would constitute a good set of unit tests for each function.

Unit Testing questions

You are beginning to explore unit testing in class activities and in the Gene Finder starter code. Now is a good time to ask questions about their role in how you will design software.

  1. In what ways, if any, have you found unit tests helpful so far?
  2. What role does unit testing play in determining whether or not your program is correct? (This may vary depending on the program.)
  3. Any aspects of unit testing that you find unwieldy?
  4. Do you have any best practices that you’d like to share with the class from using unit tests?

Open studio time

Please use instructors and NINJAs in the studio for questions and approaches as you work in MP1.